Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Japanese Toilets

Halftecture OR
Halftecture OJ
Halftecture OO

Shuhei Endo? Who? Dunno. But I like his recent work called Halftecture OR, OJ & OO. No one knows where the name came from or what it means. I like Halftecture OO in particular because of the pure geomeric form. Thumbs up for his creativity in testing out the same material in different forms. More Pictures Here.

"Sewage Pipe" Hotel

How cool is this?
The Bridge in BBP, Canberra was almost made of a part of a sewage pipe to get the circular form happening.
Austria, i will come to you one day.
To book the hotel http://www.dasparkhotel.net/ .
Its FREE! Well, you can pay as much as you wish for their cleaning and maintainance cost.
To read more , go to Architecture Review