Thursday, April 03, 2008

Melbourne and swimming

Time really flew, its been almost one year since i last wrote something here.
So many things happened but life still had to go on. I really think sometimes what is the point in life? Do you live because you are forced to be born by your parents? Do you live for another person? Do you live for the materialistic things you go after?

I have been back in Melbourne for almost two months now and still not working yet. Maybe i am bored that's why i have time to reflect.

Melbourne is a great place. I was driving along Queens Parade last night and had the radio switched on and it was playing A Thousand Miles. I was enjoying myself despite having a rough day.

The swim prior was really good too. It was really nice to swim in a pool at night, sheltered from the 130km/h gusty wind outside where thoudsands of Victorians was battling against. The water was warm and i just swam and swam, irregardless of what was happening around me. I won't say i managed to let myself go completely but to drain off the energy i have was helpful.

I am not sure it was Melbourne or just the pressure of life. I felt that the kind of extreme emotional up and down is playing up again. Just a day ago, i was so "high" that i had problem falling asleep. And yesterday, i was so down, i had to inject some dose sof happiness by swimming.

Grass is always greener next door isn't it? When i was in Canberra i wish i could be back in Melbourne. Now that i am in Melbourne, i am thinking something is not right. I don't really wish i am back in Canberra though. Its a decision i made and i know its the right one.

I wish someone could answer my question. What's the point in life? Today is going to be another normal day and the sun has shone in. A better day hopefully.