Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hotel Silken - Hotel Puerto America Madrid

Another place we could check out in Europe next time. Pretty disturbing spaces i have to say. Would you want to stay in a room which is all block or white by Zaha Hadid? All rooms are designed by different architects, even the landscape and carpark are designed by different people. I checked it out, it cost EU299 a night. Umm.. would be out of our budget.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't believe the docs!!

I hate it when the doctors start counting down the days till you life expires. I understand that its their job to do so but what do they expect us, the patients, to do? Do we start organising our own funeral? Bidding goodbyes? Or perhaps, have so much time left that we could write our own eulogy? NONSENSE!

I think, the time when the docs start counting down, is the time when i start counting up, how many so more days that i can out-live their predictions, just to prove them wrong!

Like all things in life, never let destiny take over. You, yourself control your own fate and destiny. Only the weak minded are pushed around. The strong minded elites train and control their own mind to succeed.

My dearest father-in-law, i know you don't belong to the weak minded bunch of crap. I believe you have more time and i expect you to see the birth of our first child. By the way, have we told you that it will be another few years before we decide to pop one out? Now, that's a challenge that you have to live up to!


I finally decided that its time for me to get my lazy arse out of the couch to go for a swim. I mean a real serious swim. The kind of swim which i used to do when i was still a uni student. The kind of swim which makes me feel so good after one hour of kicking non-stop. The kind of swim which makes me feel extra good when i go for a warm shower after.

Swimming has helped me so much in the past few years. I dare say, swimming brought me futher and further away from the depression that i am/was suffering. Swimming has also made me so much fitter than i was before.

Its a great idea to live next to the swimming pool. If i have the ability to built my own house in the future, i would built an indoor heated 25m lap pool. Thinking back, when i was staying in Bouverie Street, i literally visit the City Bath every other day. When i was stresssed, i went to the pool, when i was depressed, i went to the pool, ( exercise keep adrenaline high and kept me happy), when i had nothing better to do , i went to the pool! The result of those frequent visit? I was so much fitter and slim! I could afford to wear tight stretchable cotton pants without having to worry about how big my butt is. Anyone who knows me, know how i was chubby and round before, but now when u look at me, ( well, probably you can't even see me because i am almost nothing ) you will see a bony face. Oh! Did i also mention that going shopping for pants is also so much easier when my big butt is under "control".

I stop swimming ever since i came to Canberra. The reason is because i could not find a decent and warm pool near to where we stay. I am paying the consequences of slacking off now after one and half years. All the problem areas are starting to show and i can really feel how " fat" i am now. Eventhough i still visit the gym as often as i can weekly, nothing compares to swimming.

Well, there is no better motivation than wanting to feel thin and being able to fit into those stretchable pants of mine! To top it up, i will buy a 20 pass. Then, i will have no more excuses of not swimming because i have to drive almost 15km to the pool.