Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't believe the docs!!

I hate it when the doctors start counting down the days till you life expires. I understand that its their job to do so but what do they expect us, the patients, to do? Do we start organising our own funeral? Bidding goodbyes? Or perhaps, have so much time left that we could write our own eulogy? NONSENSE!

I think, the time when the docs start counting down, is the time when i start counting up, how many so more days that i can out-live their predictions, just to prove them wrong!

Like all things in life, never let destiny take over. You, yourself control your own fate and destiny. Only the weak minded are pushed around. The strong minded elites train and control their own mind to succeed.

My dearest father-in-law, i know you don't belong to the weak minded bunch of crap. I believe you have more time and i expect you to see the birth of our first child. By the way, have we told you that it will be another few years before we decide to pop one out? Now, that's a challenge that you have to live up to!

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