Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Our Reliable Canon G2

It has gone through its life with us for 4 years now. Pretty much gone through our courtship since 2002. Been to a few big and small holidays with us. Also went through a major operation to resurrect its lense when i accidentally drop it in Vic Market while doing my assignment. And now, when both Malcolm and I are still very much in the Post-Wedding mode, looking at wedding photos, figuring out how the pro do their blurring shots, we have come to rediscover our faithful camera and the wonder it can bring us in the future.

Here are a few beautiful tests.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Wedding Favours : Handmade Chocolate

Unfortunately, this is the only picture i have of the chocolates i made. ( with a little help with some friends and my mom) They are pretty similar to this http://sookyan.blogspot.com/2006/07/chocolate-chocolate-chocolate.html. But the amount of work and effort i put in is definitely more than i imagined. It is by far the most challenging project i have ever put myself in ( well except for my stupid architecture degree ).

I borrowed some moulds from the place where i learnt how to make this. The lady was very nice. She was even asnwering my calls on a weekend when i had problems with making them.
My kitchen was a total chocolaty mess for two weeks. Malcolm was giving me " THE LOOK". He was not happy at all.

To make each and everyone chocolate, I have to
1. Temper http://sallys-place.com/food/columns/williams/choc_tempering.htm the chocolate buds to the correct temperature with the help of a kitchen themometer.
2. Use a paper piping bag to make a nice motif on the mould.
3. Pour in the melted chocolate into the mould and quickly tip them out again to make the shell.
4. Fill in the chocolate ganache, premade before.
5. Fill up the mould to cover the filling.
6. Wait for them to set
7. Turn over the chocolate to reveal the shiny chocolates ( if they are made correctly )

Also Thanks to my aunties who made the lovely yellow decorations for the boxes.

Mellow Yellow - Am i a trend setter or what?

Taken from Canberra Times. Thursday.12th October 2006.

I didn't know that the " yellow" theme of my wedding will turn out to be loved by so many. I got comments from friends saying that they love the yellow, the flowers, the cake, the tissue balls etc. I wanted yellow because i thought the farm will be green in spring, and yellow will go well with it. I wanted yellow because its a happy colour. Happy colour for happy occassion. I wanted yellow because its a spring colour. The wedding is in spring and spring is a good beginning to everything beautiful. Above all else, i wanted yellow because i didn't want red, purple and pink.

I was surpised myself when i saw how stunning my bouquet of yellow ranunculus was when the florist delivered it. The slightly green petals in the middle of each flower matched perfectly with the green berries. Yellow and green, match made in heaven. I was even more stunt when i saw each table centre pieces. They were so "perfect". And of course, the array of yellows scattered on the bridal table decorated with dodger vines made me speechless. I don't think i have seen so many yellow flowers gathered at one place before, perfectly matching the yellow tissue balls at the backdrop and the tables.

No, my favourite colour is not yellow. Perhaps, i should change my mind from now on.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another favourite

I just love the angles that the photographer took this picture from. Can't be any better than this two pair of hands holding each other, forever.

Excellent Food

Many thanks to the staff at winehouse for catering for our wedding. I love the seafood and absolutely love the dessert. Well done guys!

My ever so elegant gown

The blue sash and the brooch made me looked like i am one of those princess from the royal family. I would not say this is my favourite gown. I still think i could have done better if not because of the limited choices in Canberra.

Moments like this.....

No, its not one of those deliberate poses that i wanted the photographer to take. She captured Malcolm rubbing my sprained thumb in between meals. ( clumsy me, twisted my thumb while i was trying to push the car door opened ) She was really fast and sharp. I am really happy with those "moments" that she managed to capture. She even took the photo of Malcolm taking the ring from Andrew which happened in a split second!

Another of my favourite - my cutest niece in the world!

Aint she cute? She's really really cute now. And she talk really well too. Her ABC could be better than yours !!

My careful selection of decorations

Believe it or not, all decorations, colour scheme , menu, name settings etc were done by ME, the bride. No wonder i looked so wrecked that day!

Our uninvited guests - the sheep

I know you can't see them but they are the tiny beige dot at the far end of the lake. Oh well, also wanted to show you how loving our kiss were!

Best expression for the greatest reason

My father-in-law, the first person who came forward to congratulate us.

The man i am going to spend the rest of my life with

Of course, without this handsome young man, the wedding would not had happened.

My all time favourite

I know it doesn't show any of our faces, but to us, its a very meaningful photo. Hand in hand, we look to the future with love and confidence.

I am married!

30th September 2006 came and went away quickly. It was a beautiful day despite all the "behind the scene" problems that we encountered. Apparently none of the guests noticed the mess and the last minute program changes that we made. I can't complain too much because even the sheep came out to be our guests. A wedding can't be any better with the blessing of great weather. The sun only peeped out at noon, when our ceremony were held. I am glad that its all over now. I could relax a little before i continue my chinese wedding planning at the end of this year. Here's some of my favourite photos to share.

Vi & Michi's Wedding

Congratulations, Vi & Michi !
On the 7th Octorber 2006, we attended Vi & Michi's wedding back in Melbourne. I have to admit that i felt strange to attend someone else's wedding one week after my own. Held in the park in front of the Exhibition Building, it was a short and touching ceremony. When vows were exchanged, i had tears at the corners of my eyes. Knowing Vi for so many years, i have never seen him so gentle and loving with a girl. lucky Michi! Whenver you see the two love birds togeher, they were always holding hands, whispering ( unlike me who always shout at Malcolm ) words of love to each other, as if they just fell in love yesterday. Of course, I have to give credit to Vi for finding such a sweet girl. I can see that she is the type who will go through happiness and sorrows by his side as long as they shall live. Congratulations once again, my friends!

ps: I am not professional photographer here, although i wish i have one of those cameras that the Pros were having on that day, but if you want any of these images, give me a yell.