Saturday, January 21, 2006

My first Hospital Experience as A Patient

Liver Biopsy

It was one of the most painful experience of my life. (The last one , as Malcolm reminded me was the time when he tried to take out the wart on my toe.)

Although without this experience. I never realise that i have a "walking clown" beside me. He never ceased to joke about every single thing in life. Perhaps i am too used to him making stupid jokes all the time that i ignore him. But for the past few days , he couldn't be ignored.
Whenever he attempted to joke, i will be holding my wound and try not to laugh. They were bittersweet moments.

The needle was huge! Maybe about 2 to 3mm in diameter?? The local anaesthesia injection was a wake up call... hello... its time to feel pain alright...But when the big needle struck the liver... it was like .. all my internal organs got shifted around... i could only afford a whisper:"pain", "pain"....

Everything was over within a few minutes and while i was wheeled out of the ultrasound room, all i know was that every single breath i heaved out sent a painful sensation to my nerves. I could not afford not to breath , could i?

Lying on my right side concentrating on my breathing seemed like forever. Malcolm existence beside my bed certainly didn't help much when he was constantly joking about the doctor who did the operation or the nurses who were running around the ward.

Later on , i was convinced to take pain killers as i was told that the pain will get worse and it take a while for the drug to take effect. It did made me feel "good" ( drowsy and high ) for sometime but to suffer the side effects of a bloated stomach for a few days due to my sensitive digestion system to drugs.

Anyway, its all over now. I was confined to the sofa and bed for two days and i can't wait to become a normal human being again.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Carey's Cave - Wee Jasper

I think the highlight of this trip isn't so much of the Cave but the journey there. Malcolm found this shortcut from the internet to Wee Jasper which took us 15 minutes shorter time compared to the main highway. The most interesting thing about this shortcut was the fact its actually a road behind the city which took us right to no man land. That's the wonder of Canberra i thought. Out of no where , u found yourself in a place with no human , no car, no nothing but beautiful sceneries of mountains and flat lands. Just magnificient.

There was this stretch of farm land with very nice english type
houses along the road which made me wonder why do these people choose to live here?

And there was this stretch where there were so many "insects" flying around. With our car travelling at 100km/h, the insects hit on our windscreen like SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT... endless SPLATING to a point i feel pity for the insects. They were pretty, yellow little thingy like

There was also this stretch of really hilly road going round and round up the mountain to discover many beautiful sights of this amazing country at the next turning. Seemed like we were in the Rocky Mountain with Euclyptas trees.

The town of Wee Jasper is so cute. The entrance to the town was right at the valley of a mountain. There was nothing really, no
houses or at least i didn't see one. All we saw was a convenien
store and a school.

We quickly proceeded to the entrance of the cave as were thought we were running late only to find that the gate was closed! What the! A minute later, there was a car behind us and this girl got out to open the gate. How strange... this cave is only manged by a old man, the tour guide and his daugther.

The old bloke was a good story teller though. Really enjoyed the
2 hours lecture on the science of stalactites and stalagmites formations.

We took another route back through Yass. Finally had the chance
to see the town as we always just by pass it on the way to Melbourne.
I don't think i will ever get bored with visiting all these cute cute towns with no people yet have a huge Coles or Wollys supermarket.

Go... our Coles and Safeway visits adventure since 2002!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Detox Programme - Day 07

Finally. It ended.

Been a extraordinary 7 days.

I don't feel extraordinary well.
I might still continue with the coffee enema because its actually quite fun to do it. its like one of the times when i can actually feel relax and not think about other problems in life.

Definitely looking forward to eating some food again... without much sugar, salt or oil....

The end of Dr Lynn Tan's DRP means the begining of Dr Cabot LCD.

I think the LCD will be much easier to follow than the DRP. Looking forward to cooking some Liver Cleasing Food.

i am rather amazed with all these effort that i am putting into all these liver diet , supplements etc etc....i really hope it will work wonders to my liver and i hope the biopsy on monday will tell me miracles because i don't want to take any medication to harm my body.

I know i have been brain washed with all these natural / alternative medication that i could take instead of drugs. Besides, the doc said that these drugs pose a danger of the virus mutating hence become tolerant of Lamivudine.. really there is no end to this on top of the risk of cirhosis or fibrosis or whatever crap of liver cancer bla bla bla 10 to 20 years down the road.
Thinking of all the hard work i have to put in... i wonder whether everything will be worth all that i am doing...

i know you are reading...
sincerely... i hope this will work out to show to your family that alternative medicine is the hope for cancer.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Detox Programme - Day 06

I have sinned today!... just before lunch time.. with my stomach grumbling with hunger... i was thinking of good food. Can't really remember what i thought of eating.. KFC..pasta.. pancakes...muffins... everything that my hungry mind can think of.

Mind is always stronger than the body... i have managed to prevent myself from ruining my DRP. I forced feed myself with my steamed patato, one stalk of raw celery and lettuces for the 6th day. This may sound bad, but its actually not too bad..all for the sake of my good health..

Coffee enema was all good today. Managed to hold for the full 15 mins in the morning and night. Although just now i tried doing water enema prior to the coffee enema to flush out whatever that's in my big and small colon. But still when expeling the coffee... there are still more to be expelled.. .... i wonder ... i hardly eat now.. how come there are so many faeces that could be expel and why i don't expel as much as i do now eventhough i used to eat more?
i am starting to enjoy the coffee enema now. i get to chill out by playing games and there is hardly any holding up to do now that its easier to keep the coffee enema. I feel really good too after flushing out everything.

Don't really want to repeat again what i ate for dinner tonight. But hey... look at the bright side... one more day to go... and i am really looking forward to Sunday since LK is bringing me " somewhere" Been such a long time since we last went out for a serious pak toh day.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Detox Programme - Day 05

Haa... my breakthrough came!

I had the best coffee enema session this morning. As usual, i could barely tahan through 8 mins and it was excruciating pain at my lower stomach. It was so hard to take it that i had to stumble for the toilet bowl to expel out the coffee. But the expelation was so fast and hard that i felt like i flushed out all the "toxic" in my body. I felt good after that.

I also experienced more severe healing reactions that i felt nauseas and dizziness on top of the weaker body. I expected that to happen because i had such a good coffee enema session. As they call it - the body is trying to get rid of the "bad stuff". But those symptoms didn't last long.

As expected also, the evening coffee enema session was too good to be true. I managed to tahan for 15 mins as required without much discomfort. i cruised through it while playing games on my phone. I think i got addicted to it already.

As for the food...mmm still have desire for "good" food. But hey, the corn i ate just now tasted like heaven!

two more days to go..

jia you....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Detox Programme - Day 04

This morning coffee enema was harder to tahan... could not remember how long but was very short.. Improved a little with the evening session but still not long enough. Might consider adding cider vinegar and K-salt tomorrow morning.

I had a little bit of diarheoa today. Is that part of the healing effects? My throat still feels rather weird with the ' pain'.

Getting a lot of stomach gas from eating too much green too. I wonder how much this DRP is going to help me after 7 days?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Detox Programme - Day 03


Coffee Enema today seem to be even less efective.
I kinda stuff up the morning session by having too little water.
The evening session was back to normal water level but i didn't hear so many splurting as the first and second day.
And before i even finished the 10th minute, i have to go to toilet already.

I got bored with eating the same salad everyday , so i tried steam vege today. not too bad. something different at least.
Saltless diet is making my taste bud taste having a brand new life .. i think.

My throat seem a bit sore today but still not too bad.

But i feel even weaker today. I wonder if its the DRP working or its because there is no meat?

Detox Programme - Day 02

Alright, the symtops i feel after two days of Dr Lynn Tan's DRP ( Detox and Rejuvenation Program ) program, i have a slight pain at the top of my head, a bit like a short and fast spasm. My abdomen also feel a bit of discomfort like PMS pain. I thought i was going to menstruate. I will be very happy if i do, that means the programme is working.

The coffee enema don't seem to be working very well... didn't feel as good after it as compared to the first day. There is still a lot of coffee left in my tube after "all" been drained into me, so i thought my body could not take so much, so i tried using less water. The interesting thing is that after " all" coffee been drained inside me, i realise that for about once every two minutes, there will be a " splurt" sound from my organ(s), i read that its actually the opening of the gallbladder trying to emit out toxic. I am also able to " tahan" for about 13 minuts today before letting all out. Go ... coffee enema.

The food has been... more tolerable today. although i feel weak and unsatisfied not eating any sort of meat product. Surprising , i actually find sweetness within the salad i eat. The steam patato actually tasted so good!!

Malcolm said:" LP, i have to tell u the truth, when i was having lunch today, i actually thought of eating KFC."

Yes, i actually put him on a semi DRP, letting him eat the food i eat. I think i might start him on the Dr. Cabot Liver Cleansing Diet after i finish this DRP.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

State of Herbs after my 2 weeks absence

After a couple of weeks... here are my herbs... Canberra summer is hot alright... with even a 40 degrees weekend...

Dtox Program - Day 1 cont'd

Detox Program is well underway... Sook Yan has been drinking only juices and eating salads... We both are already sick of the program, not so much because Sook Yan thinks the food is so bland but because of the amount of work required...

Just to give an idea of what she's taking, here's some pictures...

Above is her dinner... and below are the vitamins she takes...

Dtox Program - Day 1

Sook Yan is not available right now... so I will be posting for her... She is currently undergoing Day 1 of Dr Lynn Tan's 7-Day Detox Program...

She just had her first coffee enema: her comments - she feels high and light... side-effects - I spilled some coffee on the carpet...

For the rest of the program, she will be
1. eating only fruits and vegetables, mainly in the form of juices... and also having plain yoghurt and soup...
2. drinking pure water (i.e. distilled with zero minerals/impurities) and also some herbal teas...

Additionally, she will be taking her daily milk-thistle... look for updates as we go along...