Thursday, January 12, 2006

Detox Programme - Day 05

Haa... my breakthrough came!

I had the best coffee enema session this morning. As usual, i could barely tahan through 8 mins and it was excruciating pain at my lower stomach. It was so hard to take it that i had to stumble for the toilet bowl to expel out the coffee. But the expelation was so fast and hard that i felt like i flushed out all the "toxic" in my body. I felt good after that.

I also experienced more severe healing reactions that i felt nauseas and dizziness on top of the weaker body. I expected that to happen because i had such a good coffee enema session. As they call it - the body is trying to get rid of the "bad stuff". But those symptoms didn't last long.

As expected also, the evening coffee enema session was too good to be true. I managed to tahan for 15 mins as required without much discomfort. i cruised through it while playing games on my phone. I think i got addicted to it already.

As for the food...mmm still have desire for "good" food. But hey, the corn i ate just now tasted like heaven!

two more days to go..

jia you....