Sunday, January 15, 2006

Carey's Cave - Wee Jasper

I think the highlight of this trip isn't so much of the Cave but the journey there. Malcolm found this shortcut from the internet to Wee Jasper which took us 15 minutes shorter time compared to the main highway. The most interesting thing about this shortcut was the fact its actually a road behind the city which took us right to no man land. That's the wonder of Canberra i thought. Out of no where , u found yourself in a place with no human , no car, no nothing but beautiful sceneries of mountains and flat lands. Just magnificient.

There was this stretch of farm land with very nice english type
houses along the road which made me wonder why do these people choose to live here?

And there was this stretch where there were so many "insects" flying around. With our car travelling at 100km/h, the insects hit on our windscreen like SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT... endless SPLATING to a point i feel pity for the insects. They were pretty, yellow little thingy like

There was also this stretch of really hilly road going round and round up the mountain to discover many beautiful sights of this amazing country at the next turning. Seemed like we were in the Rocky Mountain with Euclyptas trees.

The town of Wee Jasper is so cute. The entrance to the town was right at the valley of a mountain. There was nothing really, no
houses or at least i didn't see one. All we saw was a convenien
store and a school.

We quickly proceeded to the entrance of the cave as were thought we were running late only to find that the gate was closed! What the! A minute later, there was a car behind us and this girl got out to open the gate. How strange... this cave is only manged by a old man, the tour guide and his daugther.

The old bloke was a good story teller though. Really enjoyed the
2 hours lecture on the science of stalactites and stalagmites formations.

We took another route back through Yass. Finally had the chance
to see the town as we always just by pass it on the way to Melbourne.
I don't think i will ever get bored with visiting all these cute cute towns with no people yet have a huge Coles or Wollys supermarket.

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