Saturday, January 21, 2006

My first Hospital Experience as A Patient

Liver Biopsy

It was one of the most painful experience of my life. (The last one , as Malcolm reminded me was the time when he tried to take out the wart on my toe.)

Although without this experience. I never realise that i have a "walking clown" beside me. He never ceased to joke about every single thing in life. Perhaps i am too used to him making stupid jokes all the time that i ignore him. But for the past few days , he couldn't be ignored.
Whenever he attempted to joke, i will be holding my wound and try not to laugh. They were bittersweet moments.

The needle was huge! Maybe about 2 to 3mm in diameter?? The local anaesthesia injection was a wake up call... hello... its time to feel pain alright...But when the big needle struck the liver... it was like .. all my internal organs got shifted around... i could only afford a whisper:"pain", "pain"....

Everything was over within a few minutes and while i was wheeled out of the ultrasound room, all i know was that every single breath i heaved out sent a painful sensation to my nerves. I could not afford not to breath , could i?

Lying on my right side concentrating on my breathing seemed like forever. Malcolm existence beside my bed certainly didn't help much when he was constantly joking about the doctor who did the operation or the nurses who were running around the ward.

Later on , i was convinced to take pain killers as i was told that the pain will get worse and it take a while for the drug to take effect. It did made me feel "good" ( drowsy and high ) for sometime but to suffer the side effects of a bloated stomach for a few days due to my sensitive digestion system to drugs.

Anyway, its all over now. I was confined to the sofa and bed for two days and i can't wait to become a normal human being again.


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Anonymous said...


I found you. I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. I didn't know. I feel the pain. The physical pain. My eyes teared at the thought of the pipe going in.

Your roommie of 44/28 @ west melbourne

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