Friday, January 13, 2006

Detox Programme - Day 06

I have sinned today!... just before lunch time.. with my stomach grumbling with hunger... i was thinking of good food. Can't really remember what i thought of eating.. KFC..pasta.. pancakes...muffins... everything that my hungry mind can think of.

Mind is always stronger than the body... i have managed to prevent myself from ruining my DRP. I forced feed myself with my steamed patato, one stalk of raw celery and lettuces for the 6th day. This may sound bad, but its actually not too bad..all for the sake of my good health..

Coffee enema was all good today. Managed to hold for the full 15 mins in the morning and night. Although just now i tried doing water enema prior to the coffee enema to flush out whatever that's in my big and small colon. But still when expeling the coffee... there are still more to be expelled.. .... i wonder ... i hardly eat now.. how come there are so many faeces that could be expel and why i don't expel as much as i do now eventhough i used to eat more?
i am starting to enjoy the coffee enema now. i get to chill out by playing games and there is hardly any holding up to do now that its easier to keep the coffee enema. I feel really good too after flushing out everything.

Don't really want to repeat again what i ate for dinner tonight. But hey... look at the bright side... one more day to go... and i am really looking forward to Sunday since LK is bringing me " somewhere" Been such a long time since we last went out for a serious pak toh day.

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