Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mellow Yellow - Am i a trend setter or what?

Taken from Canberra Times. Thursday.12th October 2006.

I didn't know that the " yellow" theme of my wedding will turn out to be loved by so many. I got comments from friends saying that they love the yellow, the flowers, the cake, the tissue balls etc. I wanted yellow because i thought the farm will be green in spring, and yellow will go well with it. I wanted yellow because its a happy colour. Happy colour for happy occassion. I wanted yellow because its a spring colour. The wedding is in spring and spring is a good beginning to everything beautiful. Above all else, i wanted yellow because i didn't want red, purple and pink.

I was surpised myself when i saw how stunning my bouquet of yellow ranunculus was when the florist delivered it. The slightly green petals in the middle of each flower matched perfectly with the green berries. Yellow and green, match made in heaven. I was even more stunt when i saw each table centre pieces. They were so "perfect". And of course, the array of yellows scattered on the bridal table decorated with dodger vines made me speechless. I don't think i have seen so many yellow flowers gathered at one place before, perfectly matching the yellow tissue balls at the backdrop and the tables.

No, my favourite colour is not yellow. Perhaps, i should change my mind from now on.

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