Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Wedding Favours : Handmade Chocolate

Unfortunately, this is the only picture i have of the chocolates i made. ( with a little help with some friends and my mom) They are pretty similar to this But the amount of work and effort i put in is definitely more than i imagined. It is by far the most challenging project i have ever put myself in ( well except for my stupid architecture degree ).

I borrowed some moulds from the place where i learnt how to make this. The lady was very nice. She was even asnwering my calls on a weekend when i had problems with making them.
My kitchen was a total chocolaty mess for two weeks. Malcolm was giving me " THE LOOK". He was not happy at all.

To make each and everyone chocolate, I have to
1. Temper the chocolate buds to the correct temperature with the help of a kitchen themometer.
2. Use a paper piping bag to make a nice motif on the mould.
3. Pour in the melted chocolate into the mould and quickly tip them out again to make the shell.
4. Fill in the chocolate ganache, premade before.
5. Fill up the mould to cover the filling.
6. Wait for them to set
7. Turn over the chocolate to reveal the shiny chocolates ( if they are made correctly )

Also Thanks to my aunties who made the lovely yellow decorations for the boxes.


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