Friday, June 01, 2007

Beautiful In My Eyes

View out of my room

I love this song to death. Written and sung by Joshua Kadison, i especially like the first few lines just with the piano. I am the unplug and single instrument kinda gal.

Everytime when i start playing it, i am transported back to those time when i was a teenagers, at home, listening to this song over the radio. Or the times in college, when i was driving my kancil when i had this song recorded and played. And if i allow myself to travel further back in time, i could probably find the love i lost through this song. Details are blurry now, but i can feel my heart all crunched together from some painful feeling.

you are my peace of mind
in this crazy world
you are everything i try to find
your love is a pearl

you are my Monalisa
you are my rainbow sky
and my only pray is that you realise
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes

the world will turn and the season will change
and all the lesson we will learn
will be beautiful and strange

we'll have our a feel of tears and share of sight
my only pray that you realise
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

Jesse and Picture Postcard from LA are also my favourite from Joshua Kadison.


my said...

oh dang .. the picture is so abstract .. dunno wat the heck it means ..

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Anonymous said...

Its a nice song indeed

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