Friday, February 17, 2006


This week has been a very depressing week for me. I have not been able to concentrate on my a matter of fact.. everything i do.. my heart hasn't been with me i think...

Two of my best friends got married this week. Mien got ROM in Singapore on V-day and PL got married on the 16th Feb.

For the whole week.. i tried searching on zuji for the cheapest ticket to fly home so that i can make it to the dinner tomorrow night.. i tried thinking about the leave or sick leave i could take to attend the wedding... i tried imagining everyone getting excited and happy with the occasions.. i tried to think about ways i could get malcolm to come with me...i think and think during work.. when i am cooking... when i am taking shower.... and yet.. i did nothing.... i wonder why?

I often think i am the kind of person who is willing to do anything for my friends... esp the six of us... i mean... the wedding is once in a life time... i have savings.. well.. i don't really have a lot of time....but i didn't do anything....i wonder what has changed?

Yesterday... i can really feel the bond there... mom called me early in the morning while i was at work.. saying that she attended the pre-wedding party.. bird's parents were there.. everyone was there.. then at about 11.30am hooi called... say PL was in the midst of the tea ceremony... everyone talked to me briefly on the phone eventhough i could not hear them very well because of the poor reception in the office.. i was feeling so happy yet so sad...i was not part of it..

You know.. i think the six of us are going to be the closest best friend ever one could ever find... we went through happiness and sadness, sickness and health... and we are getting stronger every day or year...when one of us is in trouble... there is no doubt that everyone would help.. in a different way...

I think the best of it is that each and everyone of us bond with each other in a unique way... its like having five sisters...

I can imagine all of us grow up and grow old together till death do us apart......

To Mien... i am very happy that you found the one u love... but i will forever be worried about u because u will be so far away in a foreign place... May you and Roger have a long lasting & loving marriage.

To PL...i know u r a strong girl..but i will still worry about you... life long partnership needs to be cultivated with patience & compromisation....Wish you and Hume a happy & loving life together.. forever...

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G man said...

Why so sad ?

Its true,
Its true that, they are very important to you
and same goes the other way
They know that you want to go back
They know how much u miss them
And seriously they miss you too
I bet you were on tears when they call u up

And because they are the best,
they would understand that flying back home is not as easy as taking a bus

The good old days
-stay back at school and do shit
-hang out at bird’s place
-hang out mamak when ever
-go sg wang when ever
-go PD for the weekend
Those day are long GONE

Now its all about work, commitment, responsibility
Its long gone when we got old !! Dammit
The real deal is that u guys still connects
and that is what matter most

I am happy for you,
that you are good hands and living life to the fullest.
Seriously i am