Monday, August 14, 2006

Mountain Hike Week 3 - Nadmagi National Park - Booroomba

Toughness factor - 2
View - Magnificient

Its simply amazing. Just half an hour out of city and we got to Nadmagi National Park and discovered a whole new world of mountain walking tracks. Since we are amateur and didn't have much time we chose the easiest and shortest walk. It was 2.5 k return in about one and half hours. Was Steep enough that i was huffing and puffing climbing up even though Malcolm could not catch up with me while we were decending. These pictures below do no justice to the actual view up there. When we were almost at the top, there was these huge rocks and a sign saying " Don't throw rocks below the clift as they may be rock climbers below " Mmmm, interesting, rock climbers below, i thought... We continued climbing up and suddenly, there was this magnificient view in front of your eyes with this huge fall into a valley! My legs were shaking standing at the edge!

Looks easy but its not as simple as these few steps

Huge rock.. somehow the camera didn't capture the steepness of the rocks.
Malcolm looking down.
I think i might have to invest in some wide angle lense or something to capture the panoramic view.