Sunday, August 27, 2006

Perfect Match!

I think every girl should have a red dress. I recently acquired this red dress that is really outstanding among my existing wardrobe of black, grey and white. It is going to be part of my wedding dresses. Still not sure when or where i am going to wear it.

It is one of those love at first sight kinda dress which i bought without caring much of its price tag. ( hey, like Malcolm says, if a wedding is not the time when i can spend some money buying the things i like, when is? ) I have been looking for a dress like this for a while: pluging neckline, chiffon soft, a bow and pleated detail.

Here, i am matching it with the pendant and earrings that i am loving most at the moment and a pair of shoe i found at ( another one of those thing that i like but can not afford to buy).

What do u think?


Inevitable said...

You will definitely look stunning wearing that!

Tweets said...

I looks better if you try it on. The necklace and earrings look Victorian. Cool. Should have a bigger pendant.

Anyway, how many dresses you have for your wedding?