Sunday, November 12, 2006

The most well earnt $500 dollars

I have been teaching for a 5 weeks vacation swim program at a local pool. I started doing it because i needed my 20 hours practical experience in order to sit for an exam and qualify being a swim teacher. But i didn't know what i was into until today. It made the whole experience so much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Essentially , this vac swim program is organised by Royal Life Saving Society of Australia in Canberra. Every lesson only cost $3.50 for each child. Over 5 weekends, the kids will be taught how to swim and survive in the aquatic environment. What impress me most is the cost of each lesson. Usually, with programs like this, each lesson will cost about $ 10 to $ 12 dollars. In short, it is like a charity but for kids to learn to swim.

I heard from my co-ordinator that this program helps those family who don't have spare money for their kids to learn swimming. She saw that some families who came last year are here again this year. I am happy that i am part of a great cause and i am happy to see that so many other instructors are so dedicated to teach kids to swim without getting paid much.

I love love love the kids. I also started to learn some of the kids related syndromes that are affecting our kids today - ADHD, Cystic fibrosis, Austism, Asperges, Asthma etc. It is very rewarding when they progress in their lessons each week.

The kids make me feel really happy. They are so pure and angelic. And they make me smile with their funny stories and behaviours.

I don't earn a lot out of this but i think it is one of the most meaningful $500 dollars i have ever earnt.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, great to know that you've taken up instructing. You've been telling me that you're scared to take up the challenge but now I'm so pleased to know that you took that challenge. I'm so happy. Keep it up.

- Purdey