Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Things i need to learn to do...

I always get inspired with the chicken soup articles that i subscribe to, and for months i have been just hitting the delete button without reading them because i simply didn't have time.
Today, i read one which entitled" If I Were Lucky". I didn't think it has nothing to do with the subject lucky at all but it does have a list of things i think are the things i need to learn to do . I need to learn

the art of letting go
not to look at the watch and keep rigid rituals and joyless appointments
not to ask for Perfection
not to worry
to travel the world ( the three months around the world tour that we are planning )
to sit outside the house and look at the sky and the people who goes by
to turn up the music loud and dance or shut my eyes to enjoy the moment
to spend time doing nothing
to sit back and relax....


Anonymous said...

Yes, just take it easy girl. Keep it up.

- Purdey

Gman said...

emmm.... the art of letting go ???
seems learning is an ever lasting job

nice to know your life is so enriched now

h3l|B0y said...

yo girl .. long time no commenting here hehe .. yea relek .. listen to jap music, anime ost .. la la la ..