Sunday, May 20, 2007

Decipher My Dreams

I had two nightmares last night.

First one was pretty easy to decipher.
I dreamt that my period finally came.
Easy. It just means that i have been worrying too much about it.

The second one is the hard one.
I dreamt that i was back in KL, went somewhere with my mom and Malcolm. Mom said we should take the LRT home. Well, it could be the other one that only goes around the city centre, can't remember what it is called. And so this train, took a particular road along a highway. I have no idea which one and can't tell from the details i "saw" in my dream either. I could only remember there were some old atap shop lots along side it. Well, it probably doesn't exist either, you know how sometimes, you can have a dream about something that doesn't exist.

So, the most unbearable thing about this dream was that there were four MAJOR accidents happened on this highway. And when i say major, i really mean it. The first accident is probably the worse as it involved most vehicles and people. Could not see how many people injured or died because i only picked up the fact that there were piling vehicles, one on top of the other. One car hits the car in front and the domino effect continued on for the longest chain of accidents i have ever seen.

The second one was on the same side of the road as the first one which is less than 5 minutes train ride away. This accident strangely involved many black coloured Mercedes. They all have tinted windows and a "government offical " tag in front of their cars, meaning they are all VIPs.
I remembered vividly this Amat stumbling out of a car, almost fainting, while a police man asked him if he is alright. And as the train sped past, i saw a few corpses lying on the ground with cloth covering them. I was thinking about tomorrow's news with the headline, multiple car accidents on highway, ministers killed.

I can't remember much of the third and the fourth accident. The third one was on the opposite side of the first two not long after the second accident while the fourth one is the same side as the first two after the third accident on a mud filled section of the highway.

I think i was too shocked with all the accidents that happened to jolt down the details of the last two. And the rest of the dream was about how everyone paniced about how to go home and what will happen as if its the end of the world.

So, you have any idea what it is all about.

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