Sunday, May 20, 2007

what's going on inside my body?

I really wish i have this magic eye that could pierce through my skin and see what's happening inside my body. Not only that, i also wish to know what causes certain things to happen. Perhaps, if i have this ability, i could, in the future, detect the unwelcome sickness that could possibly happen to me.

My body has been extremely strange lately. Not that it wasn't before. Maybe i have been having too much time to feel and i am too relax hence i get to "sense" what my body is trying to tell me more obviously. Well, its also because i was stressing too much few weeks back that my "self" just collapse and refuse to function, so i decided to rest a little more and relax a bit more.

So, this month, suddenly the factory decided to shut down after 5 straight months of production. Gave me almost 30 days of pimple free days and then whoa la, it decided to give me hell and provides me with almost a week of extreme hormone changes. my chests are swollen, my stomach felt bloated and heavy and a little achy and even a tad of feeling i want to go to toilet all the time. My head also aches and spins. Lastly, gastric non stop. Give me a break, will you?

I sincerely hope that after one week of PMS, ( one week of tantrum throwing by the factory), production would resume and i could lead a normal woman life.

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