Friday, February 16, 2007


I personally never paid much attention to grey.
I don't think i own any thing grey in colour either. Oh.. actually our car is dark grey. But, legally, the car is not mine.

Went to PM+C for site visit today and found that all the workstations' colours are grey. The colour made the whole place looked really dull despite the splash of horizontal band of colours here and there. I don't like the concept of using colours for identity of levels and departments. I felt that i was in a childcare centre. No offence to the designer.

Building 35 BBP's new conference centre also had hues of grey for the wall lining. Alastair said to me that the greys look like those for the car park cladding. I agreed.

Coincidentally, carpark's perforated aluminium cladding also consist of three different greys, agaist teraccota red , that is. It will look good. Check this space for pics.

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Inevitable said...

Hey, wishing you a happy and properous chinese new year