Sunday, February 11, 2007

I thought we had this conversation before?

( Picture Taken from Jerry's MSN Space )

What a nice Sunday morning! I love waking up to the kind of gloomy, breezy weather that seems like its going to rain anytime.

Sitting on the sofa with the news switched on, i was going through the transition between the half a awake me to the fully awake me. Of course, most of the time , this method never worked.
I found out something interesting though. Barec Obama ( almost sound like Osama ) is running for American Presidency. He is young enough to look like my brother and he is black. All the rich and famous seem to be younger and younger now, and here i am, almost 30 and still having achieved nothing.

Still half awake, i stumbled to the computer, and started looking at my msn online list.
Hey , Jerry is online again. my mouse automatically rolled over to his msn space pictures of his trips around Europe every now and then. Now, that made me wonder, how does he support himself and his almost wife-to-be. living and working in London and still afford to tour Europe.
Looking at the dates of his travel, he must be making a trips every three weeks or so. First few times, around London and then he ventured off further and further. Paris, Venice, Rome.. all on separate trips. He must have bought the around Europe rail pass, i thought.

Hai.. i really wish to travel to Europe. There so much i could see, so much i could learn, the good and the bad. I wish i don't have to " see" all the buildings on paper anymore but able to touch and smell and feel them.

In my head , i am thinking, how possible could i be working in Europe and travel like everyone else in DJAS did? Could Malcolm find a job easily in Geneva working in WIPO? What about settling down in Melbourne, desiggning my own house and start a family? What about my mom? What about Malcolm's Dad?

I know, i know, we talked about this a few times already. Everytime, the conclusion is that we are better off settling down in Melbourne, have all family members together and live happily ever after. Its more fair to the people around us.

Perhaps , there's another way around my dream to travel around Europe?

Maybe i should stop looking at Jerry's photos, they are really killing me!


Tweets said...

Don't worry, if not now, maybe later. There's still a chance.

Anonymous said...

You Only Live Once