Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sketches of Gehry - Part 1

I don't understand why people sees him as GOD. I never understand his building. Too messy, too out of no where, too sculptural for my liking. Worst of all, i didn't like his design process. Its fine to work with model but sticking one card board here, bending it there and turning it around 360 degrees doesn't justify the making of a good building. Its almost like, i want to make a super large sculpture - the kind of object you see on the street and wonder what it is ,turn it into a building. Then, the only thing left to do is to stuff some "functional" spaces into all the nooks and crannys and all the strange spaces that's been created as a result of a strange looking sculpture.

Oh well, i only saw half of the documentary. Maybe its too early to criticise too much.

And there's one building of his i like : Disney Ice

So clean and white
Sexy curve there
Dancing Trusses

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