Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There are two women whom i think best describe the important role that women in the 21st century play.

My Mother

She is not the strongest woman i know but she has gone through the good and bad times with my dad and brought me up in the past 16 years all by herself.

In fact, as much as i know my dad, i didn't think she had much of a good times with him. He was a workoholic. His only past time was work and he never paid much attention to the family. I spent most of my childhood with my mom. I suppose we were the lucky few who afforded a few oversea trips while my dad was alive back in the 1980s. Dad passed away when his company was just picking up and left it all to my mom. He left without saying few words and spent the last eight months making my mom suffer with him. His stubborness made her life more miserable than all other cancer patients' spouses had to endure.

While every other women of her age went through their mid-life being the pillar of support for their husbands, she went though hers by herself, bringing me up, attending to a expanding company and taking care of her parents and siblings. Of all things that should be emphasised here is her constant "care" towards her siblings and relative who work for her. Other people may not know this but i know that every decision she made, she made sure that her siblings are not left out despite the ill treatment she gets from them.

Knowing that she is not a very strong and decisive women, what she had gone through was double the difficulty level that others had gone through. She is close to 60 now and i would say she did it all by herself and she should be a role model to others.

My Mother-in-law

I barely know her for four years. But i heard a lot of stories of who she was and who she is now. Anyway, she is like an open book, you can read her as she speaks and acts.

She is the classic type of woman who plays the support role to her husband all the way. She always boast that half of her husband's success came from her. If you know her, you would not doubt a single bit of what she said. I don't think i know any other woman who is as extreme as she was, worked full on for the first 30 years of her life, brought up two boys, retired ( yup, retired ) and had the luxury of enjoying life being a full time house wife.

(Not sure if fate is playing a trick on me but i am going through the pain of seeing my father suffering cancer for the second time.)

My mother in law, as hard headed as her husband, is going through the same painful experience that i saw my mother went through 16 years ago. They both had the same equally difficult man to take care of. Sometimes i think its very funny how much similarities there are between the two men who was and who is my father.

She always say that the role of women is very important. Without women, men would not survive. Maybe i have been brainwashed but i truly believe that i play a very important role to the success of my husband.

I hope i can live up to these two role models.

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